Server version: 3.1.2 may not properly read the electronic pipettes through the OT2 App resulting in the app to display there is an incorrect pipette attached. See error message below:

Materials needed:

  • Server version 3.2.0


1. Your robot will need to update to version 3.2.0, you can tell your robot needs to be updated by the orange dot located on the 'Robot' tab of the OT App in the upper left hand corner.

2. To update: select your robot in the list, and click the update button.

3. Once your robot has been updated, please wait for your robot to fully restart, which may take several minutes. If your robot does not restart automatically within the first 5 minutes you can restart manually by powering off, waiting 60 seconds, and powering back on. If this issue persists please contact support@opentrons.com

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