If you're familiar with the process for running the OT-One outside of the App, the process for running the OT-2 now is much more streamlined. Here's how to do it.

Locating Your Robot's IP Address

Connect to your robot via WiFi or USB in the Opentrons App. Locate the robot’s IP address in the Connectivity section (pictured below).

Note: The I.P. Address for the above image would be or If you have not set up Wi-fi then you will not have a ‘Wireless IP”. If your robot is not connected to your computer via USB you will not have a “Wired IP”.

Launching Jupyter Notebook

Each robot comes pre-installed with Jupyter Notebook, and can be accessed in your preferred web browser.

Once you have discovered your robot's IP address, you can launch an instance of Jupyter Notebook by by navigating to:

<Robot IP>:48888

For example: The above robot's Jupyter Notebook would be accessible through this:

The landing page will look like this:

Creating an Python 3 Notebook

Once you're inside Jupyter Notebook, you'll need to create a new Notebook like this:

Running your Protocol

Once you've created a new Notebook, all you need to do is enter code into the cells and run them:

Note: You will need to include robot.connect() after importing the desired libraries.

If at any point in this process you have questions or encounter issues, as always feel free to contact us via chat or email at support@opentrons.com

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