The care and maintenance of your robot and pipettes is one of the most important routines for working in the lab. A well-cared for pipette will last longer, provide more accurate results, be calibrated more precisely, and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. The following is a comprehensive guide to properly maintaining your robot, cleaning your robot, and cleaning your pipettes. Please use the OT-2 Glossary as a reference for identifying the parts of your robot and pipettes.

Maintaining the robot

We test our products to 3 years of standard use without the need for tightening screws, oiling bearings, belt tensioning or anything of the sort. No adjustments to this should be needed unless there is some noticeable issue. A user can re-perform deck calibration every ~6-12 months to ensure the alignment of the system remains accurate, should they desire. This deck calibration should compensate for any changes in belt tension, shifts of the machine over time, etc. This is not a mandatory activity, but is optional if you want to ensure everything is still in tip-top-shape.
Note: this time frame may be accelerated depending on frequency of usage.

Materials for cleaning

Isopropyl alcohol (70%) or ethyl alcohol (70%)

Some sections of the robot have a preference for one over the other but these two solutions are comparable. 

Bleach (10-15%)

Bleach is not interchangeable with the above solutions.

Methods of cleaning


Give material a gentle wipe-down. Make sure there is no liquid dripping and be careful to avoid electronics.


Avoid disrupting these parts. Anything with no explicit cleaning instructions also avoid cleaning. 

Cleaning guides

Specific cleaning instructions for pipettes, surfaces, and modules that use the materials and methods listed above.

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