The tip probe switch is an essential component to calibrate your robot, the following procedure will guide you through how to replace the electronic switch board if necessary.

Materials Needed:

  1. T10 Torque driver provided with your robot

  2. Replacement switch board


1. Remove the cover which encases the switch by gently pulling the plastic housing.

2. Once the housing is removed remove the 2x - T10 torque screws pictured below

3. Carefully lift the switch plate

4. Unplug the switch plate wire from the connector and replace with the the new switch board. 

5. Fasten the new switch plate using the 2x - T10 torque screw removed previously.

Make sure that the switches are installed in the orientation shown above. (The front switch should have the hinge on the left.) If the switches are installed backwards, pipette calibration will be unreliable.

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