In some instances, you may need to replace your robot's SD card. This article will walk you through the necessary steps.


Materials needed:

  • Allen key set provided with your robot (specifically, the 2.5mm hex driver)

  • Tweezers

  • New Micro SD card

  • Step stool (if your robot is placed on a tall bench)


1. Power off your robot and disconnect from any cables.

2. Turn your robot around so that you can access the back electronics enclosure panel.

3. Using your 2.5mm hex driver, remove the 4 screws which fasten the top acrylic panel and remove the panel by sliding and lifting.

4. Now with your 2.5mm hex driver, remove the following screws to loosen the electronics enclosure cover. Once you reach the last two screws, place your hand on the top of the robot to remove the casing.

5. With one hand, wedge the electronics enclosure open to access the Raspberry Pi (green circuit board on left) and notice the Micro SD card at the top.

6. With your other hand, take your tweezers and remove the Micro SD card.

Important: Notice the orientation of the SD card for when you replace it to ensure it is properly inserted.

Below shows an inner view of removing the SD card:

7. Insert the new Micro SD card into the Raspberry Pi.

You have successfully swapped your SD card!

8. Re-fasten the electronics enclosure cover and top acrylic. Power on the robot and it should automatically home. You will now need to factory reset your robot’s deck.

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