Move liquid from one well to multiple wells.  

The robot does not distribute liquid like a human. To perform a distribute action the robot will aspirate from the source well, and then perform as many of the dispenses as it can before returning to the source well for more liquid. 

The actual motion of the robot looks like this:

Some liquid will be lost during this process. To account for that we automatically add a disposal volume that is 20% of your tip capacity per aspirate. You can lower this if you like, but it is what we recommend. 

If you are concerned with the extra liquid lost in disposal volume, you can set the dispense location to your source well. That way any left over liquid is returned to be aspirated again. 

ARTICLE: Consolidate

Move liquid from multiple wells to one well. 

Like a dispense action, the same tip addresses multiple wells at a time. To perform a consolidate action the robot will aspirate liquid from multiple wells into the same pipette tip. It will then dispense the contents of the tip into the destination well. 

The actual motion of the robot looks like this:

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