You can add some nuance to your robot’s actions via advanced settings for both aspirate and dispense. 

Advanced settings allow you to customize how your robot performs actions. We’ll go over each one and why you might want to use it. 


Touch tip: Touches tip to 4 sides of the well. We recommend you do not use this setting for any labware with rectangular wells. 

Mix: Aspirate and dispense liquid repeatedly in well

Pre-wet tip: The same as setting Mix to 1. 

Air gap: Aspirate air into the tip after aspirating liquid. 

Disposal volume: Aspirate extra liquid. After dispensing in a well the extra liquid left in the tip will be dispensed into the trash. Highly advised for distribute actions. 

Delay: Pause for an amount of time after each aspirate or dispense. For larger increments of time you may want to use the pause action. 

Change tip

Always: Get a fresh tip before each aspirate in this action. 

Once: Start this action with a fresh tip, don’t drop the tip after.

Never: For this whole action use the same tip from the prior action. 

Well Order

Upcoming feature: you can specify the order in which the robot addresses wells. The default is set to this pattern:

Flow Rate

Upcoming feature: Flow rate determines the speed with which you aspirate and dispense solutions. We’re currently experimenting with which speeds work best for which solution viscosities and will update the interface with more pre-sets once we have that info. 

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