• 2.5mm screwdriver 

Procedure for attaching pipettes

  1. Begin on the robot screen of the app. Select "Pipettes & Modules" underneath the connected robot's name. Next, select the mount you would like to attach the pipette on. Click attach  on the left or the right pipette mount.

2. Once the mount has been selected, move the pipette to the front so the mount can be exposed to attach the pipette. 

3. Select the pipette of choice. 

4.  When attaching the pipette, make sure it is aligned with the screw holes. Follow step one and two as shown in the diagram below.  Once the pipette has been attached and the connecter has been connected, click the Have Robot Check Connection 

5. If the connection is successful, you will get a green check mark. 

If the connection is not successful, you will receive an error message that the robot is unable to detect the pipette. 

Check to see of the white connector is plugged in properly. Have robot check connection again.

If you would like to attach the pipette on the other mount, follow the same instructions. 

Note: The instructions are the same for a multichannel pipette. 

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