Introduction to electronic pipettes - Hardware

The OT-2 uses electronic pipettes for increased performance. They are faster, more accurate, more reliable, and easier to replace than the manual pipettes used in the OT-One.

The OT-2 pipettes operate on two separate Z-axis. This means, unlike the OT-one, they can move up and down independently of each other.

The robotic pipettes use a robust micro-stepping motor attached to a precision molded volume chamber. The volume chamber is a cylinder with a piston that converts the linear motion of the motor into the desired volumetric output in the tip attached below using specific millimeter to cubic millimeter to microliter calculations for each volume range.

The OT-2 can use electronic pipettes in 3 different configurations

  • 2x single-channel

  • 1x single-channel and 1x 8-channel

  • 2x 8-channel

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