In some cases, the robot may not be able to save deck calibrations. This is due to a poor connection on the USB mount which stores robot calibration data. Error message shown below:

Materials needed:

  • 2.5 Hex driver provided within the accessories of your robot


1. Using your 2.5mm hex driver remove the 4 screws which fasten the top acrylic panel and remove the panel by sliding and lifting.

2. Located in the top left hand corner inside you robot there is a black plastic cover which encloses the Raspberry Pi of your robot. We will need to remove this to access the USB mount - to do so rotate your robot to access the screws which fasten it. Using the 2.5mm hex driver provided in the accessories remove the screws fastening the cover of the black Raspberry Pi box.

3. Unplug the usb thumb drive from the Raspberry Pi.

4. Reboot your robot and plug the thumb drive back in. - note: please allow approximately ~1 minute between powering on and off to allow capacitors to drain.

5. Re-fasten the motor controller box enclosure and top acrylic. Power on the robot -  your robot should automatically home.

6. Perform deck calibration again if the error persists please contact support@opentrons.com.

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