To prevent damage during shipping and transportation, you will need to secure the axes of the OT-2 with 3 locking brackets. These are the same brackets and screws you removed when you first received the robot before powering it on.

The screws and brackets were flagged with blue tape.

Materials Needed:

  • 3mm allen key 

  • All screws and locking brackets (pictured below)


Stage 1

  1. Manually move the gantry up to the front of the robot.

  1. Take the long screw for stage 1

Move the bracket behind the right side of the gantry. 

Make sure the hole in the bracket is aligned with the hole on the robot (pictured below).

3. Loosely secure the long screw from stage 1 through the bracket and into the threaded hole on the robot.


4. Slide the gantry to the right side of the robot while holding the bracket parallel to the table.

Make sure the screw holes in the robot align with the holes in the bracket (pictured below).

5. Lightly secure the remaining two screws from stage 1 into the holes.


6. Tighten all three stage 1 screws. 


Stage 2

7. Gather two of the screws, the two nuts, and the bracket for stage 2. 

Thread the screws through the holes on the short side of the bracket. Very loosely secure the screws with the nuts. The nut should be facing the inside of the bracket, and the head of screws should be facing outwards (pictured below). 


8. NOTE: THIS IS ALWAYS TRICKY. Thread both nuts through the notch behind the right side of the gantry (arrow and gif below). 


9. Raise the bracket until the holes in the bracket align with the holes in the side of the robot.  

Hold the bracket in place. Lightly secure the two remaining stage 2 screws through the bracket into the side of the right side of the  robot. 


10. Tighten all 4 stage 2 screws.


Stage 3

11. Take the small bracket and screw for stage 3. 

Insert the bracket behind the thin sheet metal piece on the left side of the robot (pictured below). 


Make sure the blue tab is parallel to the back wall of the robot and not rotating downwards.


12. Tighten the screw through the sheet metal piece into the small bracket.



You’re all done locking the robot! Your robot is ready for transportation.

Here are some zoomed out views for reference.

Rear view of stage 1 and 2.

Front view of stage 2.

View of stage 3.

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