This article is written for OT-One users as well as OT-2 users with multiple modules of the same type. Of course anyone wishing to run a module without connecting it to a robot may also follow the instructions below.

Getting Started

  1. Install CoolTerm, found here. (Note: Please ensure that CoolTerm is whitelisted in any security applications you have installed on your computer otherwise you may not be able to properly connect.)

Scroll to the section labeled CoolTerm which appears below:

Setting Up The Module

  1. Plug in your module to a power source, power it on and connect the USB cable to a port on your computer. 

  2. Open CoolTerm and search for the section listed as serial ports shown below.

3. Select baudrate to 115200

4. Select the terminal tab and select line mode listed under terminal mode options.

Now you can start sending GCODE to your device!

For detailed information on GCODE commands go here. Below will be a simplified version of all the commands you should need.

Temperature Module Commands

Set Temperature
To set the temperature of the module enter the following:

M104 S50

The above sets the temperature module to 50 C.
Get Temperature
To get the device's current temperature enter the following:


Turn off Temperature Module
To stop active heating or cooling enter the following:


Magnetic Module Commands

Disengage Magnet
GCODE: G28.2
To disengage the magnet simply home the device by entering in the following:


Engage Magnet
**Note**: You must specify a height to engage to
To engage the magnet 10 mm above the home position enter the following:

G0 Z10

For further questions please reach out to us at support@opentrons.com or through on live chat!

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