Your OT-2 has arrived! Your box contains a ready-to-use liquid handling machine and accessories. These instructions will guide you through unboxing your robot.

Materials needed:

  • Scissor and or/box cutter (not provided)
  • Allen key set (included)


1. Use your cutting tool to open the box in which your OT-2 was delivered.

2. Remove the lid.

3. Remove the top layer of foam. This reveals an acrylic top panel which you will install in a later step. Place it aside for now.

*Not seen in above image: acrylic panel is attached to top foam with tape.*

4. Remove the larger foam enclosure.

5. Unwrap the protective plastic enclosure.

6. Grab some labmates to lift the robot by its frame (the OT-2 is approximately 30+ kg). Place the robot on a sturdy work surface.

7. Open your robot's acrylic door to remove bubble wrap.

8. The bubble wrap below the door hinges enclose vent covers for the side panels of your robot(step 8 of “Unlocking the OT-2”). Place them aside for now.

9. Remove all protective film on all acrylic panels.

10. Use your cutting tool to cut all zip ties fastening accessories to the deck

11. Remove and open your accessory kit to reveal your driver set. Use the 2.5mm driver to remove the two screws fastening the deck.

*Do not discard these two screws.*

12. Lift the deck out in order to remove the remaining ties, replace the deck into its original place, and refasten the two screws.

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