Your OT-2 has arrived! Your box contains a ready-to-use liquid handling machine and accessories. These instructions will guide you through unboxing your robot.

Materials needed

  • Scissors or box cutter (not included)

  • 2.5 mm hex screwdriver (included)


1. Use your cutting tool to open the box in which your OT-2 was delivered.

2. Remove the lid.

3. Remove the top layer of foam.

This reveals the top window, which you'll install later. It might be taped to the top foam. Place the top window aside, for now.

The rear window cover might also be here, depending on when your OT-2 was manufactured. If it is, set it aside.

4. Remove the larger foam enclosure.

5. Unwrap the protective plastic enclosure. If you use a cutting tool, be careful not to accidentally damage the OT-2.

6. Grab some labmates to help lift the OT-2 by its frame. (It weighs around 90 lb, or 40 kg). You can grab it by the black or silver parts of the frame. Place it on a sturdy work surface.

7. Open your robot's door to remove bubble wrap. Be careful not to scratch the doors or panels with your scissors.

8. The bubble wrap also encloses the window covers for the side windows of the OT-2. Unwrap them and place them aside, for now.

9. Remove the protective film from all the windows.

10. Cut the zip ties fastening the accessory kit to the deck.

11. Remove and open the accessory kit.

Tip: Save the box and foam, if you have the space! You can reuse them in case you ever need to return your OT-2. Plus, you can hide in the box and pop out to scare your labmates. 👻

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