To prevent damage during shipping, the axes of the OT-2 is secured with 3 locking brackets. You will be able to easily identify the specific hardware - each screw and bracket is currently flagged with blue tape. Please note the brackets on your robot may be black or red (brackets .

These brackets need to be removed prior to powering on and running your robot. All of the hardware necessary to remove them is provided within your accessory box.

Materials Needed:

  • 3 mm allen key 


Turn your robot around so the blue flags on the locking hardware are most accessible to you.

1. The first two screws to remove can be found behind the pipette carriage. It can be accessed via the front opening door. Using your 3mm Allen key remove these screws. 

2. The next set of screws are located slightly above the pipette carriage.  There are 3 screws in total. In order to access the third screw, first the 2 screws shown below must be removed.

Using your 3mm Allen key remove these screws. 

3. Move z carriage over to allow better access to the third locking screw.

Then, unscrew the final locking screw to remove the bracket. 

4.  Now that the carriage is out of the way, the two screws for bottom locking bracket is accessible.

Using your 3mm Allen key, remove the screws. 

5. The Last locking bracket is the smallest and easiest to remove. 

Using your 3mm Allen key, remove the screw and small L shaped locking bracket.  

Putting the top panel on: 

Materials Needed: 

  • 2.5 mm screwdriver provided with your robot's accessories 

6. Open the plastic zip bag for the screws to put on the top panel. Insert a washer and a rubber O ring on the screw (if they are not pre-inserted) like so: 

Repeat the process for the rest of the screws. 

7. Slide panel piece into the top of the robot and insert the 4 screws in the 4 corners. Secure in place with a 2.5mm screw driver. 

8. Insert side panels inside the robot to cover the bottom openings on the left and right windows.

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