To prevent damage during shipping, the moving parts of your OT-2 were locked in place with 3 locking brackets.

You'll need to remove the brackets before turning on your OT-2 for the first time.

You will be able to easily identify the specific hardware: each screw and bracket is flagged with blue tape. The brackets themselves may be black or red.

Materials Needed

  • 3 mm Allen key (included)


Turn your robot around so the blue flags on the locking hardware are most accessible to you.

1. The first two screws to remove can be found behind the pipette carriage. It can be accessed via the front opening door. Use your 3 mm Allen key to remove these screws.

2. Collect the two square nuts that dropped out of the pipette carriage.

If no nuts dropped out, they might be stuck. Use your 2 mm Allen key to momentarily loosen the small screw inside the pipette enclosure, so the nuts have more room to slide past.

We recommend removing the square nuts, if possible, to avoid having them fall onto the robot deck during a protocol run.

If you are unable to slide the square nuts out past the small screw, it's unlikely that they will fall during a protocol run.

3. The next set of screws are located slightly above the pipette carriage.  There are 3 screws in total. In order to access the third screw, first the 2 screws shown below must be removed.

Use your 3 mm Allen key to remove these screws. 

4. Move z carriage over to allow better access to the third locking screw.

Then, unscrew the final locking screw to remove the bracket. 

5.  Now that the carriage is out of the way, the two screws for bottom locking bracket is accessible.

Using your 3 mm Allen key, remove the screws. 

6. The Last locking bracket is the smallest and easiest to remove. 

Using your 3 mm Allen key, remove the screw and small L shaped locking bracket.  

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