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Onboarding Protocol Tutorial

Try one of two basic protocols from the Opentrons Protocol Library to get started with your OT-2.

If you have determined you will use the Python API, get started with these two basic protocols from the Opentrons Protocol Library (Note: both protocols linked below use GEN1 pipettes. If you are interested in a demo protocol that uses GEN2 pipettes, please contact Opentrons Support):

  1. Opentrons Logo Protocol (tutorial below)
  2. Customizable serial dilution for the OT-2

Note: If you have determined the Protocol Designer protocol writing method is better for you, run your first protocol on PD using the Protocol Designer onboarding tutorial. If you intend to write Python code for your future protocols, continue here. Either way, we encourage you to check out the Protocol Designer to see if it meets your protocol requirements or the needs of your other labmates.

Opentrons Logo Protocol tutorial: 

For our first protocol on the OT2, we will be drawing the Opentrons logo on a 96-well plate! 

We will be using two colors, so be sure to find some food dye, or colored liquids you can use. In this tutorial, we’ve chosen to use blue food dye in water, diluted to two different shades. 

The procedure is as follows: 

Upload protocol > Calibrate > Run


First, download the Opentrons Logo protocol based on the pipette you are using for this run. 

Open the OT app, and connect to the robot via wifi or usb 

Once the app has been connected to a robot, click the protocol tab. Upload the downloaded Opentrons Logo protocol. 

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