The Pipette Configuration settings discussed in this article should not be adjusted without first consulting the Opentrons Support Team. This support article is a resource to supplement working with the Opentrons Support Team to troubleshoot pipette issues (e.g. pipette tips not picking up, pipette tips not dropping)

This support article covers how to tune pipette parameters in the OT-2 App without having to make adjustments to a protocol. 

Identifying Pipette Issues

Adjusting pipette parameters can help with the following issues:

  • Pipette does not pick up tips correctly/bad seal

  • Pipette does not eject tips correctly 

  • Pipette does not aspirate/dispense correct volume 

The pipette issues mentioned can be identified by the following observations:

Pipette tips not picking up/bad seal formed

  • Tips fall off pipette

  • Tips aspirate and dispense inaccurately

Pipette tips not ejecting

  • Tips remain/are stuck on pipette after ejecting (can occur after adjusting pick up current)

Pipette not aspirating/dispensing correct volume

  • Pipette is under aspirating (leading to incorrect dispense volume)

  • Pipette is not dispensing properly (liquid remains in the pipette tip, even after blow out)

Accessing the Pipette Configuration Settings

To access the Pipette Configuration settings from the OT-2 App, connect to the OT-2 robot and select “Pipette & Modules” underneath the robot name. 

This will display the recognized pipette and modules connected to the robot. In the “Pipettes” card, there are two buttons that appear next to an attached pipette (“Change” and “Settings”). Click on “Settings” to access the configuration settings of the selected pipette.

The Pipette Configuration settings will appear in a window in the OT-2 App. From here, adjustments can be made to the following settings of the selected pipette (these settings should not be changed unless directed by the Opentrons Support Team):

  • Plunger Positions

  • Power/Force

  • Tip Pickup/Drop

If pipette adjustments have been made to a python protocol, those adjustments will override the the Pipette Configuration settings in the OT-2 App. It is recommended to use the Pipette Configuration settings to make pipette adjustments instead of directly adjusting pipette settings in python protocols.

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