This article should be used as a resource if auto discovery of the robot is not a viable option per your institution's network setup. Through the procedure below, you will be able to connect the robot with a specified IP address. 

This procedure works best if you work with your network administrator to assign a static IP address to the robot. You may need to provide the robot's MAC address to your network administrator, which can be found in the "Connectivity" section of the "Robot" tab as imaged below (if you are unable to connect to the robot via USB to get this information, please contact technical support):

To add an IP address manually, ensure that your app and robot server are updated to v3.8.2. Then, navigate to the "More" tab of the app and click the "Manage" button under the Advanced Settings. In the pop-up window, simply input the hostname or IP address into the text field and click "+" . 

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