Introduction to the Labware Library

The Opentrons Labware Library is a visual index of all the labware supported out-of-the-box by the OT-2. 

While your OT-2 can be adapted to use a wide range of labware, we’ve built this as a guide to labware that’s been tested for compatibility and is ready to work with right out of the box. You’ll find both Opentrons and 3rd party labware, with the information you need to incorporate them into your Protocol Designer or Python API protocols.

We strongly recommend using labware definitions that exactly match the labware you are using, and the Labware Library includes all the details you need to find automation-friendly labware, and to make sure you’re using the matched labware definition.

What labware is in the library?

You can use your OT-2 with Opentrons or 3rd party labware, and you will find definitions for both in the Labware Library. All labware in the library has been selected for it’s compatibility with the Opentrons OT-2, and tested in-house. We’re constantly expanding this list -- please feel free to reach out with recommendations for additional labware!

Matching labware definitions with labware 

We strongly recommend you use labware definitions that are an exact match for your labware. Mismatch between definition and labware on the deck can cause problems such as robot crashes or pipette tips to be knocked off mid protocol. 

The easiest way to do this is by comparing the manufacturer ID from your labware to the Labware Library. If a manufacturer ID is unavailable, you can compare the dimensions of your labware to the dimensions available in the Labware Library. 

To learn more about what the different measurements mean you can click the (i) next to each section on a labware’s detail page or read more in our guide to understanding labware definitions.

Using labware from the library in your protocols 

Labware in the library is available for use in the Protocol Designer, and can be imported by name into your Python API protocols. Read more about using labware in protocols here.

Mapping older Opentrons labware definitions over to recent definitions

Prior to version 3.10.0 of the Opentrons API, we used a completely different set of labware load names. They will continue to work until version 4.0.0 is released, but they should be considered deprecated.

We recommend you switch over to using the load names from the Labware Library as soon as possible. Please use this chart  to help map the changes. Note that not all are direct translations, some are acceptable substitutions.

What to do if your labware isn’t in the library 

If you can’t find your labware in the library and you do not wish to purchase our recommended labware, please read about how to get a custom labware definition

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