SSH is a way to connect to and control your OT-2 over the command line. It is required for some troubleshooting and advanced tasks.

Before starting

SSH requires some first-time setup. Before following these instructions, make sure you've completed the setup guide:

Once that's done, you're ready to connect.

1. Find your OT-2's IP address

In the Opentrons App, find the OT-2 that you want to connect to. Note its Wired IP or Wireless IP. 

  • If you use the Wired IP, the SSH connection will be made over USB.

  • If you use the Wireless IP, the SSH connection will be made over Wi-Fi.

We recommend connecting over USB when possible, because the connection will be more reliable.

These IP addresses will change periodically, especially after the OT-2 is restarted or reconnected. You should double-check the IP address each time you want to make an SSH connection.

2. Connect

Open a PowerShell window if you're on Windows 10, or a Terminal window if you're on Linux or macOS.

Enter the following command. Replace ROBOT_IP  with the IP address you found above.

ssh -i ot2_ssh_key root@ROBOT_IP

Connection warnings

You may see a short warning saying "Permanently added [IP address] to the list of known hosts." You can safely ignore it.

3. After connecting

If the connection worked, you'll be greeted by the Opentrons logo. ✨

Try running some commands on your OT-2. For example, enter the command: 


You should see the command output root .

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