The motor controller board is responsible for electrically driving the motors that move the pipettes around the OT-2. Opentrons Support might direct you to replace it to resolve problems with robot movement.

The board is mounted inside the pipette carriage.

This guide will walk you through removing the cover of the pipette carriage to access the board, and through disconnecting and removing the board.

Accessing the board

Warning: Turn off the OT-2 before beginning.

Using the driver that came with the OT-2, remove the 4 screws labeled below from the top and back of the pipette carriage.

Remove the remaining 4 screws, labeled below, from the back of the pipette carriage.

Slide the front cover of the pipette carriage down, and then pull it off. The motor controller board will be exposed.

Removing the board for replacement

Warning: Turn off the OT-2 before beginning.

Unplug the 8 connectors circled below:

Unscrew the remaining 2 wires with a flathead screwdriver:

Once all cables are unplugged, unscrew the 4 screws securing the board to the carriage:

Finally, remove the board.

Installing a new board

Install the new board by following the above steps in reverse.

  1. Insert the board and secure it by screwing in the 4 corner screws.
  2. Insert the two bare-ended wires into the screw terminal and use a flathead screwdriver to tighten the screws. The black wire goes into the left slot (labeled GND), and the red wire goes into the right slot (labeled 5V).
  3. Insert the 8 push connectors.
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