What labware can I use with my Magnetic Module?

Opentrons has tested with, and recommends, the following labware:

Other labware

You can use other labware with the Magnetic Module, but you will need to do your own testing for fit and performance. You may also need to adjust the magnet engage height.

In general, for labware to fit on the Magnetic Module, it should be a standard-sized 96-well plate with V-bottom (conical) wells. The standard plate bracket supports plates up to 22 mm tall. The deep-well bracket can support deep well trays up to 47 mm tall.

Examples of such compatible labware include:

See the Magnetic Module White Paper for details and dimensions.

What labware can I use with my Temperature Module?

We strongly recommend placing labware on an Opentrons aluminum block and using a water bath. This provides the quickest time to temperature and ensures even heating and cooling across all wells.

Labware on an aluminum block

To check if your labware will fit on the aluminum block, consult the dimensions in the Temperature Module White Paper.

To use this setup in a protocol, you'll need a labware definition that encompasses the combination of the labware atop the aluminum block. Our Labware Library provides several such definitions, for common labware. But if your labware isn't included, you can use our Custom Labware Creator to make the definition yourself!

Labware without an aluminum block

Any standard-sized well plate or reservoir will fit on the Temperature Module deck.

What labware can I use with my Thermocycler Module?

Opentrons has tested with, and recommends, the following labware:

You should use this labware to make sure your results match those demonstrated in the Thermocycler Module White Paper.

Other labware

The Thermocycler Module is compatible with standard-sized, 96-well, full-skirted PCR plates. Examples include:

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