Windows blue screen (BSOD) errors have rarely been reported while using the OT-2. You might see them when uploading protocols or updating your OT-2's software.

Why do blue screens happen?

It's not our fault. We promise! 🙏

Although a blue screen may appear to be triggered by your OT-2, it actually originates from a problem somewhere else. Blue screens can happen when there's a problem:

  • in Windows,

  • in a device driver (a special program that helps run a hardware device),

  • or, in antivirus software.

Generally, apps like the Opentrons App aren't capable of causing blue screen errors. 

How do I fix the problem?

1. Ensure Windows is up to date

See the Microsoft article: Update Windows 10.

2. Update the Realtek USB FE Family Controller driver

We've found that the version of this driver that's installed automatically can be outdated and problematic.

Manually download and install the latest driver from Realtek's website.

The download will be provided as a .zip file. Open it and run the setup program, which will guide you through installation.

3. Update your other device drivers

Most other device drivers can be updated through Windows Update.

Open Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update, and select Check for updates.

4. Check your antivirus

Customers have reported certain antivirus software causing blue screens when trying to use the OT-2.

Try temporarily disabling or uninstalling your antivirus software. If that resolves the problem, contact your antivirus vendor to report the bug with them.

5. Follow Microsoft's troubleshooting guide

See the Microsoft article: Troubleshoot blue screen errors.

6. Try a different computer

If you're still seeing blue screen errors after trying all the above steps, you can still use your OT-2. A computer of a different make and model is unlikely to see the same error.

Still having trouble?

Opentrons Support is here to help. Reach out to us, and we'll help however we can!

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