Multi-channel pipettes are especially sensitive to tilt. If a multi-channel pipette is attached slightly askew, it can affect:

  • Reliability of tip pickup and ejection.
  • Evenness of aspiration and dispensation.
  • Accuracy of calibration.

This article explains how to attach multi-channel pipettes so that they're as level as possible.

Leveling multi-channel GEN1 pipettes

When attaching a multi-channel GEN1 pipette:

  1. Leave the 3 screws slightly loose.
  2. Use your hand to gently and slowly pull the pipette all the way down to the OT-2's deck.
  3. Wiggle the pipette so that all 8 of its nozzles touch the deck at the same time.
  4. While holding the pipette down, tighten the 3 screws.

A tilt with a difference of less than 0.15 mm between ends is acceptable. (0.15 mm is somewhere between one and two sheets of typical printer paper.)

If you are unable to correct the tilt, contact Opentrons Support for assistance.

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