At Opentrons, we periodically release a beta version of our latest software, typically weeks or months ahead of the production release date.

Beta software versions include the latest features and bug fixes. They’re a chance for you to try out upcoming features early, and for our team to learn what you like, don’t like, and what just isn’t quite working.

While beta software releases go through a full testing process, expect to find the occasional software bug or unpolished feature – these are the types of issues we work out through weeks of testing and iteration prior to a production release. You should also expect the software to change over the course of its beta release, as we polish out issues and respond to feedback.

Needless to say, for critical production workflows, we recommend staying on the latest production software version. If you’re interested in testing a beta release, read on: we’re excited to hear what you think, and always grateful for your feedback!

How do I get the latest beta software?

Opentrons App and robot software

To switch to the latest beta version of the Opentrons App and robot software:

  1. Go to More > App

  2. Under Advanced Settings, switch your Update Channel to Beta.

After switching to the Beta update channel, you’ll be notified of any available beta versions. If a beta version is available, you’ll be prompted to update your Opentrons App and robot software.

You can opt back out of the beta at any time. Just switch Update Channel back to Stable. You'll be prompted to update your Opentrons App and robot software. This will put them back on the latest production version.

While on the Beta channel, you will continue to be notified of any new beta versions until you switch your update channel back to Stable.

Protocol Designer

While we don’t release full beta versions of the Protocol Designer, we do periodically release individual features in beta. When we do, we’ll call them out within Protocol Designer, and let you know which features are still in beta.

Protocol Designer features in beta may require you to update your Opentrons App and robot software to the latest beta software version, as well.

How can I share feedback on the beta software?

We’re glad you asked! Please send any thoughts or feedback to us at

We truly appreciate the time and energy the Opentrons community has invested in helping us build a great product, and we do our best to return the favor by listening closely to what you tell us. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts; while we can’t build every great idea we hear, we do read every idea and bit of feedback we get.

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