What are O-rings?

On 8-Channel GEN2 pipettes, there is a rubber O-ring wrapped around the outside of each channel. These O-rings help tips form a good seal against the pipette.

Single-channel pipettes and 8-Channel GEN1 pipettes don't have O-rings.

When do I need to replace my pipette's O-rings?

After prolonged use, your pipette's O-rings might wear out. You should replace them if you notice any nicks or tears.

How do I replace O-rings?

Before starting

You'll need these parts, which came in the box with your 8-Channel GEN2 pipette:

  • Replacement O-rings.

  • The O-ring removal tool.

  • The O-ring installation tool.

Remove an old O-ring

Use the removal tool to push on the O-ring from the back. Part of the O-ring will separate from the pipette stem, so you can grab it.

Pull the O-ring out of its groove and off the pipette stem.

Install a new O-ring

Roll a new O-ring onto the installation tool.

Hold the thick end of the installation tool against the bottom of the pipette stem. Roll the O-ring onto the pipette stem and into the groove.

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