Since v3.19.0, The Opentrons App has a robot calibration check tool. This tool makes sure your OT-2 can accurately position its pipettes relative to the deck.

If you've noticed movement accuracy issues, this can help diagnose them and provide troubleshooting guidance.

The tool checks:

It does not check:

(To learn more about the difference between each type of calibration, see How calibration works on the OT-2.)

How to check your OT-2's robot calibration

Before getting started, make sure you have:

  • Standard Opentrons tips. You'll specifically need Opentrons tips and tip racks for this check, even if you plan to use alternative tips for your protocols.
  • Opentrons pipettes, already attached. We recommend attaching your pipettes in the same configuration that would be used in your protocol.
  • An up-to-date Opentrons App and OT-2. See Updating your robot's software.

Then, you can open the tool from the Robot Controls section of the Opentrons App:

The Opentrons App will guide you through the check. You'll be instructed to:

  1. Set up the OT-2's deck with Opentrons tips.
  2. Have each attached pipette pick up a single tip.
  3. Test the positioning of your pipettes.

How to resolve problems identified by the check

As you work through the check, the Opentrons App will identify and diagnose problems.

If something comes up, how to resolve the problem depends on which exact error message you see.

Having trouble?

We're sorry your OT-2 is giving you a hard time! Please reach out to Opentrons Support, and we'll help work out what's going on.

Before you exit the robot calibration check, select Download JSON summary. This will download a troubleshooting file. Send us that file when you reach out to us, to help us investigate the problem more quickly.

What to do once the check passes

If the check passed, that means your OT-2 can accurately move both of its pipettes relative to the deck. ✅

Before you continue using your OT-2, there's a couple more things that you should know about.

Be on the lookout for other problems

The robot calibration check can't identify every calibration problem.

If the check passed, but something still seems wrong, see if the problem is specifically mentioned in Movement, positioning, and calibration problems. Otherwise, reach out to Opentrons Support.

Watch out for labware calibration

If you had to redo deck or pipette calibration to resolve any problems, then you also might need to adjust your labware calibration the next time you run a protocol.

(This is because labware calibration is an adjustment applied on top of deck and pipette calibration. If you change the underlying deck or pipette calibration, it might not make sense to keep using the same adjustment.)

The Opentrons App normally prompts you to do labware calibration after uploading a protocol. It's possible to skip it—but in this case, you shouldn't.

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