Biggest concerns first: the protocols you've created in the Closed Beta will still work

  • Your old protocols will still run on your robots but please check that everything is still working as intended by doing a run with water before resuming runs with reagents.
  • Your old protocols can be imported and edited as though they were built in the new version of the Protocol Designer. Your Transfer, Distribute, and Consolidate steps will be combined into the new flexible Transfer step. All your advanced settings will be preserved! Read the sections below to find out why. Please don't overwrite your old files when exporting! Keep them for reference.
  • In case you have any loose ends to tie up in the old version of the Protocol Designer we're going to keep it accessible at the same URL you've been using for a couple of months. However we will no longer be providing support for the closed beta version.
  • If there are any issues please email us at

Our first big update to the Protocol Designer: What is the new Transfer step?

The two biggest time-consuming issues (by far!) we found when user testing in our Closed Beta were:

  1. People struggled to figure out if they needed a Transfer, Consolidate, or Distribute step.
  2. It was problematic that how the robot moved between wells was baked into the type of step. I.e. the multi-dispense behavior was built into the Distribute step (and same for Consolidate). This caused people to fiddle with advanced settings and try to create a behaviour that the step didn't support.

The new Transfer step can support all the same movements as the old Consolidate, and Distribute steps - but now all that can be done using the flexible Transfer and paths. No more deleting your step and starting over!

The flexible Transfer step also breaks out multi-dispense and multi-aspirate as their own advanced settings.

With the old Distribute step you could only pipette like this:

With the new Transfer you can do your Distribute but pipette like it's a series of Transfers. Your choice!

Thank you so much for participating in our Closed Beta!

We're excited to hear what you guys think and build in new features this year.

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