Standard labware compatibility

When you attempt to place a piece of labware on a Module, the normal list of Protocol Designer labware will be filtered. There are three tiers of labware compatibility for a given Module.

  1. Recommended: These are labware we support and recommend that you use for the best performance with a given Module.

  2. Compatible: These are labware that physically fit on the Module, or any custom labware you import.

  3. Incompatible: These are labware we think do not fit on the Module.

Incompatible labware will always be filtered out and cannot be selected. Recommended and Compatible labware will be selectable.

If you go to Protocol Designer app settings and turn off module placement restrictions then you will be able to add all standard labware to all modules. Please be warned that the Protocol Designer will not stop you from using incompatible labware, but we strongly recommend you do not and we will not be offering support for protocols that use incompatible labware on Modules.

Custom labware compatibility

When you add a custom labware to the Protocol Designer we do not validate its compatibility with any Module. It is up to you to determine whether your labware is a good fit with a Module. If using the Magnetic Module you will also need to determine the best engage height to use with your labware. We default engage height to 0.0 mm, which is where the magnets touch the bottom of your labware. This may or may not be the ideal location for your purposes.

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