Starting with robot software v3.19.0, you might see this error message when you connect to your OT-2:

Bad deck calibration data detected! This robot is likely to experience a crash. Please perform a deck calibration prior to uploading a protocol.

What this error means

Since v3.19.0, your OT-2 proactively detects some basic calibration problems, including:

  • The deck having been calibrated way too high or low.

  • Deck calibration never having been done, at all.

If your OT-2 detects one of these problems, you'll see this message, and you won't be able to upload or run any protocols until the problem is resolved.

This check helps avoid scary things like pipette collisions, but we understand it can be frustrating to be blocked by it, especially when you have science to do! Don't worry, though: resolving the underlying problem usually isn't too hard.

Tip: For some helpful background information on the different parts of your OT-2's calibration, check out how calibration works on the OT-2.

Resolving the problem

  1. Update both the Opentrons App and the OT-2 robot software to the latest version. This is important, since older software versions have known bugs that make this problem difficult to resolve.

  2. Calibrate the deck.

After following those steps, the error should go away, and you should be able to upload and run a protocol.

Afterwards, you also might want to check your OT-2's robot calibration, which can diagnose many more problems than this simple automatic check can.

Common problems and concerns

I keep seeing the same error, even though I just recalibrated the deck

  • Make sure your Opentrons App and OT-2 are both updated to the latest software version. Older software versions had known bugs that could make this problem difficult to resolve.

  • Make sure you use Opentrons tips for the deck calibration. If you use non-Opentrons tips, the deck calibration will come out wrong, and this error will persist.

If things still don't seem right after checking those things, please reach out to Opentrons Support. We'll help work out what's going on.

I didn't see this error message until I updated. Did updating break something?

There was probably something wrong with your OT-2's calibration all along. When you updated your OT-2, it just learned how to automatically detect the problem.

Your OT-2 might have appeared to work normally, before. The interplay between the different parts of calibration can hide problems. For example, if deck calibration was 10 cm too high, that might have been masked by a pipette calibration that was 10 cm too low.

These hidden problems tended to manifest in confusing ways later on—like collisions the first time you used a new pipette, or new labware.

Can I temporarily override this check, so I can run my protocol?

This check can't currently be overridden.

It's important to fix the underlying problem with your OT-2's calibration. But if you really can't recalibrate—for example, if your lab's standard operating procedures limit when you're allowed to—reach out to Opentrons Support. We can help downgrade your OT-2 to a previous software version that doesn't have this check.

Something else seems wrong

We're sorry you're still having a hard time with your OT-2! Please reach out to Opentrons Support. We'll help work out what's going on.

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