Your OT-2 has:

  • A removable top window.

  • Removable covers for the holes in the left, right, and rear windows.

Installing these is optional, but they can help stop cross-contamination from entering and leaving the OT-2.

Install the top window

Materials needed

  • Top window (set aside during unboxing).

  • Top window screws (from your OT-2 accessory kit).

  • 2.5 mm screwdriver (from your OT-2 accessory kit).


Slide the window onto the top of the OT-2:

Open the plastic bag for the top window screws:

If the screws don't already have washers and O-rings, insert them:

Screw the 4 screws into the corners of the top window:

Install the window covers

The left and right side windows of the OT-2 have holes at the bottom.

Depending on when your OT-2 was manufactured, the rear window might have a hole, too.

You can use the included side window covers and rear window cover to cover them up. (You found and set these aside when you unboxed your OT-2.)

The window covers snap on magnetically. Attach them to the inside of the OT-2.

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