Your OT-2 includes an auto-stop feature to reduce the risk of injury when either the top window or front door are open. The auto-stop feature is disabled by default. This article walks through activating and using the safety feature.

Note: This feature is available in the 3.19.0 update.

Activating the Door Safety Switch

To activate the door safety switch, find the Robot Controls panel in the Opentrons App. Turn on the “Enable robot door safety switch” setting:

Using the Door Safety Switch

Your OT-2 has two switches to detect when either the front door or top window are open:

Front door switch

Top window switch

If either of these are open:

  • Your OT-2 will stop after completing its current movement

  • Your OT-2 will prevent you from starting a protocol run

  • Robot calibration and other processes requiring manual robot interaction are still enabled

The Opentrons App will inform you if the door is open, and prompt you to close the door or lid before starting or resuming your protocol:

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