Support work often requires careful, focused thought, and investigation. Keeping support online allows us to better assist you to troubleshoot your issue in a speedy and efficient manner, as our engineers and reps are able to focus all of their energy on solving your support concerns with the fewest number of distractions and interruptions possible.

We decided to keep our support online for a few reasons

It's faster. We can quickly get to the bottom of your questions without putting you on hold. A ticket allows us to immediately pull up your customer information instead of waiting on hold while we locate and review your account

Rather than sitting by the phone awaiting a return call, you're able to carry on with your day while we diagnose the problem. We will update you once we have a solution

All support tickets and conversations are easily accessible to the entire Opentrons team for review. This allows for anyone to easily pick up where another left off, therefore you never have to ask your​ question twice. We can also reference your company's ticket history for recurring inquiries. Online support keeps detailed records in one place. This ensures nothing gets lost in translation if we need to escalate your issue. We'll always have access to previous tickets so you won't have to repeat questions.

Writing protocols, reading logs, diagnosing mishaps of the robot, or understanding what is going on in the app/robot is a visual process. We frequently ask you to send us screenshots, videos, and photos to help us see what you’re seeing. These files help us understand and troubleshoot problems more efficiently, we can see the issue, rather than you spending your valuable time explaining it. If we need additional help, we can easily forward the files to our engineers. We can also send you screenshots and videos to guide you in the right direction.

We can share direct links to our knowledge base, which provides step by step instructions and visual tools on the many functions of the OT-2.

We do understand that some people prefer phone support. Sometimes, there's nothing as assuring as talking to a real person, knowing that someone is looking into the problem and working on resolving it. Please know our top priority is solving your issues and answering your questions.

In the event you do run into an issue please go through the troubleshooting guide and let us know exactly what you have tried and where you are running into issues. Once we have that information from you we should be able to diagnose the issue and provide further instructions to resolve it.

While you may request to escalate to a live call or video, the support engineer will make the determination (a) if the call is necessary and (b) if sufficient information has been passed along to make the call successful.

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