The Opentrons Support team is here to help. This document defines what we support in terms of our products, services, and applications. Part of providing effective support is defining what is outside of the scope of support.

Scope of support, in the simplest terms, is what we support and what we do not. Ideally, we would support everything. However, without reducing the quality of our support or increasing the price of our products this would be impossible. These "limitations" help us to create a more consistent and efficient support experience.

Please understand that any support that might be offered beyond the scope defined here is done at the discretion of the representative or engineer and is provided as a courtesy.


We will help troubleshoot all components bundled with the Opentrons ecosystem when used as a packaged part of an Opentrons installation. Support is not offered for local modifications to the Opentrons source code or hardware.

We understand that Opentrons is often used in complex environments in combination with a variety of tools. Unfortunately, we cannot offer support in debugging components that work alongside the OT-2.

First-time installation and new features

For assistance with first-time installations and configuration of new features, we highly recommend using our comprehensive documentation:

Out of Scope

Below is a list of topics that are out of scope for the support team. Each topic has an example question and an explanation of what is in-scope of the support team to help you with.

Out of Scope


What's in-scope then?

Writing custom protocols

I have an in house assay I want the OT-2 to perform. Can you please create a python protocol for me?

Opentrons Support can help in debugging your existing protocol and answering API questions. Opentrons has a team of engineers who will be able to write your first custom protocol for you.

3rd party applications and integrations

I can't get Labview to run on my OT-2. Please help me figure out what is going on with my Labview server.

Opentrons Support can help ensure that the OT-2 is providing properly formatted data to 3rd party applications and integrations.

Troubleshooting non-Opentrons components

I'm trying to get the OT-2 to work with a robotic arm, can you provide some pointers?

Opentrons Support will only assist with the specific components that ship with the OT-2 and other Opentrons hardware equipment.

Debugging custom scripts and automation

We use custom scripts to automate changes to our Opentrons deployment, and it is causing problems or downtime.

Opentrons Support will not be able to assist with debugging or fixing customer-written code used to deploy, upgrade, or modify an in-place installation.

Installation of Opentrons using unofficial, community-contributed methods

We ran into an error installing the Opentrons package using PyCharm. Please help!

Opentrons Support can only provide support for installation problems encountered when using an official installation method.

"Hacking" the OT-2 to be used in the way it is not intended to be

How can I remove the electronics board on the pipette to make it faster?

Opentrons Support is here to troubleshoot any standard issues that arise when working with the OT-2.

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