The black plastic trash bin on the OT-2 can be damaged by common solvents like DMSO. When working with solvents, it's important to protect the trash bin to make sure it doesn't get damaged.

Protecting the Trash Bin

It's generally good practice (just like you would at home 🏠) to line your trash bin with a removable bag. This is essential when using DMSO (or other solvents) on the OT-2 that can damage the bin's polycarbonate plastic.

What do you recommend?

Any HDPE or LDPE bag that fits will work to protect the trash bin from DMSO. We like benchtop biohazard bags, which are also useful if you need to autoclave tips after your run. ☣

What if I don't?

If you don't protect the trash bin from DMSO (and other solvents) it can become permanently discolored and damaged, as seen here.

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