Factory reset can be used to delete the deck calibration, pipette offset, tip length, and labware calibration data.


You will have to re-calibrate any calibration data that you check off. The data will be erased by the factory reset along with other related calibration.

Performing a factory reset on your OT-2

Before getting started make sure that you have

In order to initiate factory reset, you need to find it under Advanced Settings > Factory Reset, select Reset.

surrounded by a red rectangle in the image below for added clarity

You will then be able to chose which calibration data to reset

Factory reset mechanics

You can clear the saved calibration data of deck, pipette offset, tip length, labware calibration, and boot scrips by selecting them and selecting the RESTART button. For more information on what each of these calibration types mean and how they relate, please go to our article on How Positional Calibration Works on the OT-2. Below are general relationships that will help guide what to recalibrate.

General relationships

  1. Labware calibration will get erased if you reset pipette offset, tip length, or deck calibration.

  2. Pipette offset will get reset if you reset tip length or deck calibration.

  3. Deck calibration and tip length don't influence each other when reset.

What are boot scripts?

This is a special case that happens when you load a custom boot script onto your OT-2. Please only do when directed by Opentrons Support.

Why am I doing a factory reset instead of just recalibrating?

The OT-2 has certain boundary conditions which can be violated by a sufficiently bad calibration data. These will prevent the OT-2 from re-calibrating because it will need to start the calibration at the sufficiently bad calibration data point. In order for it to calibrate, the bad calibration data point needs to be deleted and have it go to its initial state.

Troubleshooting: My OT-2 hasn't restarted for an extended period of time.

If you are waiting for 10 minutes or so, check to see if the blue ring light on the front of your robot is on and solid (not flashing). If the light is solid, this means the update was applied successfully and your computer probably just missed the “I’m done” signal from the robot. This can potentially take longer for bigger updates.

If you aren’t able to reconnect to the OT-2 after closing and reopening the App, reach out to Opentrons Support for help, we’ll get things sorted out for you!

Please contact Opentrons Support at if your issue persists following the factory reset and re-calibration.

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