Factory reset cleans out your robot's labware and pipette memory. Resetting any calibration issues that might have occurred prior. It will also restart your OT-2.

Factory Reset can be a part of fixing common issues like calibration check error messages and LabwareHeightError.


You will have to re-calibrate all labware used for your protocol since the data will be erased by the factory reset.

How to do a Factory Reset on your OT-2

Before getting started make sure that you have

  • Standard Opentrons tips. You'll specifically need Opentrons tips and tip racks for this check, even if you plan to use alternative tips for your protocols.
  • Opentrons pipettes, already attached. We recommend attaching your pipettes in the same configuration that would be used in your protocol.
  • An up-to-date Opentrons App and OT-2. See Updating your robot's software.

In order to initiate factory reset, you need to find it under Advanced Settings > Factory Reset, select Reset.

surrounded by a red rectangle in the image below for added clarity

You will then be introduced to the configuration reset screen where you can pick what you would like to reset.

Factory Reset Under the Hood

What Does Selecting "Pipette Reset" Do?

A pipette reset alters the offset and tip length the OT-2 has calculated for the pipettes. Pipette calibration automatically compensates for variation in how the pipettes are attached. Without it, you would have to do deck calibration every time you attach a new pipette. So, when these offsets or tip length calibrations have bad calibration data, they can cause the pipette to move off in the x, y, and z axis from where they should be relative to the deck calibration.

What Does Selecting "Labware Reset Do"?

The OT-2 requires Labware calibration to account for the offsets of where everything should be based on the labware file, but in actually there are a host of small differences that are logged as labware offsets.

There are many slight variations, that when compounded in the cases of either smaller wells (less forgiving of slight variation with the pipette + labware manufacturing), or taller labware attached to our modules. Resetting the labware calibration makes it so that the new calibration data is taken from the labware definition as opposed to the previous labware calibration.

What Does Selecting "Boot Scripts" Do?

This is a special case that happens when you load a custom boot script onto your OT-2. Please only do when directed by Opentrons Support.

Please contact Opentrons Support at if your issue persists following the factory reset and calibration.

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