Find your OT-2's serial number

Every OT-2 has a unique serial number. They look something like:


You can find yours:

  • On the back of the OT-2. It's printed on a sticker, along with a barcode. (Tip: if you can't easily get into position to read the sticker, try taking a picture with your smartphone's front-facing camera. 🤳)

  • In the Opentrons App, usually. Most OT-2s show up with their serial number when you connect to them. (Older OT-2s may show up with a name like "red-dust," instead. For those, you'll need to check the sticker.)

Use the serial number to see when your OT-2 was manufactured

The serial number includes the date your OT-2 was manufactured, in YYYY-MM-DD format.

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