As best you can, please help the support team by communicating the issue you're facing, or question you're asking, with as much detail as available to you. Whenever possible, include:

  1. Your name (full name)

  2. Your email

  3. Company name

  4. OT-2 serial number

  5. App software version

  6. OT-2 software version

  7. If an issue with a hardware module or pipette, serial number for them.

  8. Relevant protocol and labware files.

  9. Video showing exactly what the OT-2 is doing.

  10. Description of the problem with a screenshot of the exact error.

  11. Is this the first time you are seeing this issue?

  12. Log files relevant to the situation.

  13. Robot health calibration check

  14. Steps that have already been taken towards resolution.

A case without the above information will reduce the efficacy of support experience. We expect that Opentrons support will spend 30-45 minutes longer to investigate an issue if the above information is not provided .

In subsequent replies, the support team may ask you follow-up questions. Please do your best read through the entirety of the reply and answer any such questions. If there are any additional troubleshooting steps, or requests for additional information please do your best to provide it.

The more information the team is equipped with in each reply will result in faster resolution. For example, if a support engineer has to ask for logs, it will result in more cycles. If an inquiry comes in with everything required, multiple engineers will be able to analyze the problem and will have what is necessary to further escalate to developers if so required.

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