Opentrons Support ticket severity levels defined

Level 1 - Critical:

  • Critical production issue affecting every protocol

  • Includes system unavailability with no workaround available.

Level 2 - Urgent:

  • Issue is persistent and major functionality is impacted on majority of protocols

  • No reasonable workaround available.

  • Also includes time-sensitive requests

Level 3 - High:

  • System performance issue or bug affecting some, but not all protocols

  • Short-term workaround is available, but cannot be scaled.

Level 4 - Medium:

  • Inquiry regarding a routine technical issue.

  • Bug affecting a small number of protocols.

  • Reasonable workaround available.

  • Resolution required as soon as reasonably practicable.

Level 5 - Low:

  • Information requested on OT-2 capabilities, navigation, installation or configuration.

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