If you would like to quickly upload, download, and access files to the OT-2. It can be done through Jupyter Notebook instead of going through more complex methods .

Launching Jupyter Notebook

Each robot comes pre-installed with Jupyter Notebook, and can be accessed in your preferred web browser.

To launch the Jupyter notebook server click on the OPEN button toward the bottom of the robot tab in the app (under Advanced Settings). For more details, see Running the robot using Jupyter Notebook.

The landing page will look like this:

you can select upload

Then you can select the relevant file. This will be uploaded to the /var/lib/jupyter/notebooks directory and be easily visible.

Alternatives to using Jupyter Notebook

  • For file transfers, it is also possible to use the Secure Copy SCP. This is helpful if you want to upload files to different locations on the OT-2 than /var/lib/jupyter/notebooks .

  • If you are using CSV files, then it would usually be easier to copy and paste the csv file to the Python file as described in our support article on handling CSV files

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