What does this issue look like?

When the pipette moves to some labware, it’s visibly rotated around its vertical axis. If you look at the pipette from above it would look like this:


This issue is not to be confused with the pipette being tilted around the x-axis, which is a different problem. If you are experiencing that issue please see our guide on Leveling 8-Channel Pipettes.

When can this happen?

This potentially can happen with any 8-Channel pipette. This could technically happen with a Single-Channel pipette, too, but it would not impact the performance of the pipette.

What are the possible causes and how do I solve them?



That labware is inserted incorrectly in its deck slot, leaving it rotated.

Reinsert that labware correctly so that you see the aluminum deck slot dividers around all 4 sides of the labware.

That pipette is unevenly screwed onto its mount.

  1. Remove and reattach that pipette.

  2. Make sure the pipette is screwed in evenly.

  3. Make sure there is nothing sandwiched between the pipette and mount.

  4. If this fixes the issue you can redo pipette offset calibration.

The whole removable deck is slightly rotated relative to the gantry.

Loosen and rotate the whole deck. If this fixes the issue redo deck calibration when you’re done.

The two pipette mounts are not perpendicular to each other.

Please contact Opentrons Support ✉️

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