1. Update Opentrons App and OT-2 to software version 4.3.1

  2. Redo labware calibrations


Our most recent software update version 4.2.1 is demonstrating some odd behavior, specifically pipettes moving too low during protocol runs and possibly making contact with the bottom of labware. This persists even after proper recalibration.

This article will serve to identify and avoid this problem via downgrading.

Confirm if your OT-2 is experiencing this problem

Please follow the steps below to confirm that your OT-2 is exhibiting this exact behavior:

  1. Perform a health check for the OT-2.
    - If "Recalibration Recommended" is detected for any calibration, please correct this first and then rerun your protocol to see if the robot operates normally.
    - If all the checks found a good calibration, please proceed.

  2. Perform a factory reset of Labware Calibration and Pipette Offset (click only those two checkboxes)

  3. Redo those calibrations and rerun your protocol

  4. Check to see if collisions still occur

  5. If the pipettes are not colliding with labware/moving to the correct heights, then you can proceed with normal operation of the OT-2.

  6. If collisions still occur, then proceed to downgrading to 4.2.0

Instructions for downgrading to 4.2.0

  1. Download for 4.2.0 Don't unzip the file.

  2. In the Opentrons App, go to the Robot tab and make sure you're connected to your OT-2.

  3. Under Advanced Settings, find Update robot software from file and select Browse.

  4. Upload

  5. Wait for your OT-2 to apply the downgrade and restart.

  6. When you reconnect to your OT-2 after it restarts, confirm that it says "4.2.0" under Server version.

  7. Uninstall Opentrons App v4.2.1

  8. Reinstall Opentrons App V4.2.0 for your respective OS

After successfully downgrading, factory reset again, this time checking off all of the calibration checkboxes (Deck Calibration, Pipette Offset Calibration, Tip Length, and Labware Calibration).

Expected resolution date

We anticipate having this resolved in software version 4.3.1, release date of which is estimated to be near the end of the week of 5/17/2021.

Please do not hesitate to contact Support to answer any further questions or provide clarification on the instructions above and apologies for any inconvenience this has caused with your OT-2 operation!

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