Skipping labware calibration

When is it safe to skip labware calibration?

When opening a protocol, you can see in the Opentrons App if there is existing calibration data for your labware on the Overview screen.

If there's calibration data for all of the labware in your protocol, you can safely skip labware calibration if:

  • You haven't done deck calibration, tip length calibration, or pipette offset calibration since the last time you calibrated that labware.

  • And, you haven't done tip length and pipette offset calibration since the last time you calibrated that labware. If you have the offset x, y and z values may still be present, but they will no longer be precise/accurate.

  • And, you're unconcerned with positional variation due to manual handling of the labware or due to the labware's manufacturing tolerances.

Otherwise, the pipettes' positions may be off when moving to labware.

How do I skip labware calibration?

To go to running the protocol, select the Run tab in the left sidebar.

What happens if I skip labware calibration?

For each labware, your OT-2 will use the adjustment from the last time that labware was calibrated. You can see this data displayed in the App. This will happen even if the last time was for a different protocol, or had the labware in a different slot.

If a labware has never been calibrated before, or if labware calibration has been factory reset, your OT-2 will assume the labware perfectly matches its definition.

Warning: If you are using different tip racks during the labware calibration you will need to select tip racks for recalibration to also load their tip length.

Each new tip rack type requires its own tip length calibration.

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