Are Opentrons products sterile?


The OT-2 is not manufactured or delivered as a sterile product. Opentrons can provide guidelines for cleaning the instrument; we encourage our users to follow their lab best practices for cleaning, decontamination, and sterility.

Pipette Tips

Opentrons offers tips that are DNase, RNase, protease and pyrogens free. Each tip is stored in an individual compartment inside a rack with lift-off cover to prevent cross contamination. Opentrons tips are electron-beam irradiated as part of the manufacturing process. Certification of sterility (Certificate of Conformity) can be provided by emailing

HEPA Module & Sterile Workflows

Even when using best practices, true sterility can be hard to achieve depending on the environment you are working in. Ultimately, the success of your automation solution will rely on a combination of factors including but not limited to the sterility requirements of your process, the robustness of the biology being tested, and other experiment specific factors

The Opentrons HEPA Module is designed to provide a clean environment and protect samples on the OT-2 deck. The HEPA Module removes 99.99% of 0.3 um DNA-containing particulates and biological contaminants like bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms from the air. Although the HEPA Module in and of itself does not provide a sterile environment for OT-2 operation, by using best lab practices and taking proper precautions, liquid handling tasks of sensitive workflows can be successfully transferred to an OT-2. The OT-2 itself (the deck, the pipettes, consumables, etc…) should be cleaned prior to use of the HEPA module. The OT-2 pipetting steps should also be performed in a manner so as not to introduce contamination.

How can I clean my OT-2?

For general cleaning practices, please see this support article.

Can I use a UV light?

Using a UV light inside the OT-2 is not recommended. The instrument is built with a polycarbonate enclosure, which degrades when exposed to UV. While our pipettes and polycarbonate labware have not shown visible degradation to UV, we have not done quantitative liquid handling post-exposure to verify performance. In the event that a UV light is used inside the OT-2, appropriate PPE should be worn by the user as the OT-2 is not a closed system and will in no way protect the user from UV exposure.

Can I use hydrogen peroxide gas to decontaminate my unit?

Use of hydrogen peroxide gas is not advisable on the OT-2, as it can damage the electronics.

Can the OT-2 fit in a BSL enclosure or a hood?

Yes. The OT-2 can fit in a BSL enclosure or hood. The OT-2 is 63cm x 57cm x 66cm / 25in x 22.5in x 26in (W,D,H). Please check the dimensions of your enclosure to ensure the OT-2 will fit.

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