Default positions for Aspirate and Dispense

The default position for aspirating liquid is 1 mm from the bottom of your well/tube.

The default position for dispensing liquid is 0.5 mm from the bottom of your well/tube.

Tip positioning for advanced settings

Some advanced settings, such as Delay and Touch Tip can use a tip position that is different than the aspirate/dispense positions.

Other advanced settings, such as Air Gap, and Blow out, have a pre defined tip position.

The settings Pre-Wet Tip and Mix both use the step's top level Aspirate and Dispense heights.

Batch Editing Tip Position

Sometimes after running a protocol, someone might want to edit a tip position across multiple steps in that protocol. If steps share the same type of source labware the aspirate tip position can be edited for all of them at the same time. This is also true for dispense labware and dispense tip positions.

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