This article provides an overview of the differences between the OT-2 and the OT-2R.

Overview of hardware changes



Panel mount



Number of USB ports



Electronics enclosure location

Inside OT-2

Outside OT-2

Electronics enclosure status lights



Multichannel pipette leveling features



Ethernet panel mount and external USB

  • The panel mount has an Ethernet connection instead of USB. However, USB connection is still supported through the use of an external dongle that is provided with each OT-2R.

  • This provides you with the flexibility to connect to the OT-2R directly via Ethernet connection or through a USB-to-Ethernet dongle.

Additional USB ports

  • The OT-2R has four USB ports whereas the OT-2 has two.

  • Doubling the number of USB ports available expands the number of modules that can be connected to the robot without needing to go through a USB hub.

External electronics enclosure

  • The circuit board enclosure has been moved into an external housing.

  • This provides easier access to the electronics if any troubleshooting is required.

Status lights

  • Five (5) status lights, specifically LEDs, have been added to the side of the electronics enclosure to indicate the following statuses: power, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, heartbeat, and extra.

  • The addition of status lights provides diagnostic feedback if troubleshooting is necessary.

  • An overview of what each of these lights indicates can be found in our article on how to read the OT-2R status lights.

8-Channel pipette leveling features

  • New features have been added to the pipette mount that enable you to rotate the pipette and level it relative to the robot deck. These features include:

    • Increased leveling range and control which allow you to adjust new screws in the mount to more precisely fine-tune the pipette so that the pipette nozzles are leveled.

    • New mount design with a shorter bottom pipette attachment screw that is compatible with existing Opentrons pipettes (GEN1 and GEN2).

  • These refinements enable you to fix gantry or carriage misalignment due to issues with shipping.

  • More information about these pipette leveling features can be found in our article on leveling 8-Channel pipettes on the OT-2R.

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