This guide will review each type of pipette tip and its tip rack. Each of them will have the material they are made of, the recycling/resin code, and resources you can consult.

Pipette Tips


Opentrons tips are made from 100% polypropylene (PP).

Recycling process

Please see for more details here

  • PP plastic will often have a printed ‘resin code’ (5 for PP), which is useful during recycling, as they indicate what type of plastic it is. This ensures separation and efficient recycling of different plastic types.

  • Non hazardous micropipette tips can be collected for recycling. Collect in a puncture proof container. BL1 and BL2 tips must be decontaminated with bleach or alcohol before being deposited into a recycling bin. Pharmaceutical contamination would also prevent recycling of tips.

  • Always check with the environmental, health and safety office at your institution first. Sometimes finding a pipette tip inside a recycling collection container will automatically make everything considered "trash". Your institution recycling program rules will be dependent on EPA, OSHA, local hazardous waste regulations, and the municipal recycling services that are available.

P20 and P1000 Tip racks


Opentrons P20 and P1000 tip racks are made out of ABS plastic.

Recycling process

Please see for more information on recycling ABS Plastic

  1. ABS plastic uses recycling number 7.

  2. ABS needs to be processed separately. On the industrial scale, this is automated via froth flotation, where a water-oil mixture helps sort the ABS from other particles.

  3. At home, and at the municipal level, this will largely be done at the collection stage. ABS should be kept in a separate container and transported in the same compartmentalized manner. Some municipalities may employ workers to manually separate plastic, but this is clearly error prone, and may not work as well as separation at the collection stage.

  4. Once ABS plastic has been separated as much as possible, the next step in the recycling process is grinding.

  5. Other resources like TerraCycle are specifically designed for tip racks.

P300 Tip racks


Opentrons P300 tip racks are made out of polycarbonate plastic (PC).

Recycling process

Please see for more information on recycling PC plastic

  1. PC plastic uses recycling number 7.

  2. This is a notoriously difficult process, so we recommend selecting a company like TerraCycle or contacting your institution to review their recycling program’s rules.

Please contact us at or through Opentrons Messenger if you have more questions or suggestions about the above. Note that recycling number 7 materials are difficult to recycle so while we will do our best to help, there are certain limitations on the support we will be able to provide.

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