This article includes the following information about installation qualification/operational qualification (IQ/OQ) on the OT-2:

  1. Background

    1. What is IQ/OQ?

    2. What is the purpose of IQ/OQ?

    3. When should IQ/OQ be performed?

  2. Download the OT-2 IQ/OQ form

  3. Online resources for the OT-2 IQ/OQ form


What is IQ/OQ?

Installation qualification (IQ) refers to the specific installation and setup of your equipment for optimal use. Operational qualification (OQ) addresses how the equipment runs and how it is self-serviced. These activities should be performed and recorded in the IQ/OQ form.

What is the purpose of IQ/OQ?

Essentially, the purpose of performing IQ/OQ is to ensure your Opentrons equipment (robot, pipettes, modules, etc.) is installed correctly and operating as intended.

The IQ indicates if the robot and any of its accompanying equipment (pipettes, modules, etc.) are installed correctly. The OQ is to ensure that these components are operating according to established requirements. Performing and documenting the IQ/OQ process is important for achieving accurate and consistent results with your Opentrons equipment.

When should IQ/OQ be performed?

It is recommended that IQ/OQ be performed and the results recorded in the form provided below when you initially set up your OT-2 and whenever you install a new piece of equipment such as a pipette or module. You may also want to perform IQ/OQ at established self-service intervals depending on usage to ensure all equipment is functioning properly.

Download the OT-2 IQ/OQ form

The OT-2 IQ/OQ form is available as a .pdf and can be accessed via the link below. Be sure to download and save a copy for your records.

OT-2 IQ/OQ Form

Online resources for the OT-2 IQ/OQ form

For additional help, please see our article that outlines online resources for performing maintenance on your OT-2.

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