By purchasing Custom Protocol Development, you get the following benefits for your Opentrons system:

  • Actual Protocol Development (remote)

  • Protocol Installation (remote)

  • Personalized instructions for deck and reagent set up

  • Code validation by an Applications Engineer (AE) before delivery

  • Unlimited protocol optimization by an AE within 1 week of initial script delivery (within 4 business hours)

  • Opt-in or opt out to share with Opentrons community in our Protocol Library

Custom Protocol Development Offerings

We offer a standard and expedited custom protocol development for 1 to 3 workflows to cater to the turnaround time that you need. Protocol validation and optimization occurs within the turnaround time listed below.

Product List Price

1 Workflow

3 Workflows

Turnaround Time

Standard Workflow Development



2 weeks

Expedited Workflow Development



1 week


Our Custom Protocol Development is available to all direct or non-direct customers purchasing Opentrons hardware including purchases made via a distributor or a second hand purchase of an Opentrons system.

Requesting a Protocol

You can submit a custom protocol request to our Applications Engineering team by following our article "Custom protocol submission guidelines". This will guide you in requesting a customer protocol.

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