When you attach a GEN2 P300 8-Channel pipette to your robot for the first time, you may encounter an issue with the pipette not ejecting or dropping tips if you are using an OT-2R with the incorrect bottom pipette attachment screw. This can be resolved by following the instructions below.

The OT-2R introduces a new mount design and requires the 6 mm bottom pipette attachment screw (not the 14 mm screw used with OT-2s) to properly function with Opentrons' 8-Channel pipettes:

If you use the 14 mm screw as the bottom pipette attachment screw on an OT-2R mount, the screw will make contact with the plunger of the pipette and prevent it from dropping tips. Putting in the new (6 mm) screw will allow the 8-Channel to work properly. Be sure to confirm you are using the shorter screw while attaching an 8-Channel pipette to an OT-2R robot.

⚠️Important: The 6 mm screws are only intended to be used with an OT-2R robot. They will not work on an OT-2.

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